Questions about the TSI Online

Do you have questions about signing up for this TSI Math Online Course? This is a customized curriculum that was designed just for the math portion of the TSI. It is updated each year. When you try to piece your TSI prep together, always check the date. Most YouTube videos are out dated. 

If you don’t pass the math:

  • $500 to $1400+ for each remedial class
  • 6 to 12 months to finish the remedial math class, but only if you take them once
  • $175 to $400 for Text books

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Video: Why should I take this online course?

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TSI Math Online Prep

Are you tired of watching videos that are not helping? But the question is have you been guessing which videos to piece together and study? Well, C MATH is EASY has a customized curriculum just for the TSI MATH. We have been teaching the TSI Math for over 4 years. We have an 80% passing rate because of our material. 

Try the MATH course. If you have a few problems we can schedule a Q & A session.  But go through lesson 1 & 2 with all the homework worked out. Go ahead we can eliminate your stress in days about the TSI Math.

Click to Start Now: TSI ONLINE MATH PREP. 

Sign up today and then test the next week.

Grades 9th thru Adults

For best results, completion of Algebra 1 & Algebra 2 are desired. But if you have not taken Algebra 2, you can pass the TSI. If you work hard, study and do the extra assignments, it can be done.